Experientialism amid the Aesthetics of Everyday Affairs

The “things” we use daily, routine daily activities, and the qualities prevalent in various everyday experiences are encompassed within the realm of the aesthetics of daily affairs. The aesthetic experience of everyday affairs, due to the changes and transformations of everyday objects, the anonymity of the designer and creator, and the absence of any explicit authorship behind everyday objects, often falls into a realm of unfamiliarity – believability – tolerance, and so forth. The concept of everyday affairs is somewhat elusive and reaches far and wide, making it impossible to compile a specific list of objects and activities. However, certain objects and daily activities can be pointed out that broaden the subject beyond an individual phenomenon to a more extensive cultural context in today’ s world. This project endeavours to make visible aspects of the experience of encountering behaviours and objects in our daily lives that are usually overlooked and provide the audience with a new aesthetic experience in confronting everyday affairs.”

Location: Tehran | AvaPlatt | 2023

Design Team: Mehran Davari | Niloofar Najafi | Elmira Shirvani | Amir Khalili

Associate Design and Presentation: Sahar Noori | Farbod Hassani

Construction: Saeid Khoshvaght

Photo Credit: RedLeaf Studio | Ali Mirshafie | MohammadAli Dianat

Organizer: Rootplat

RED Sponsors: Kplus | Superpipe | Eigal | Nemachin

Thanks to:

Allireza Taghaboni

Aref Baraniyan

Memaran Moaser (CAAI)