“This project is an attempt of resilience against an uncertain economy and the imposition an of ideological lifestyle on today’s Tehran.”

The Accommun project is a residential ecosystem at the forefront of contemporary architecture that, considering economic, cultural, and political conditions at different periods, advances in generating sus- tainable and adaptable solutions.

The Accommun project’s design is based on a clear understanding of decision-making establishments in the construction process.

This approach reduces excessive dependencies on initial decisions and aims to increase the benefitial factors for both residents and builders. obviously, The best buildings are those with an adaptible performance, compliant use standards, and the most resilient towards changing life- style over time. The Accommun buildings offer the possibility of dif- ferent forms of shared ownership and introduce a new concept of “community”.

The project centers on creating “interstitial spaces” within the build- ing to enhance social interactions and foster a sense of community while preserving the quality of living and sustainability of the building ecosystem. These interstitial spaces, such as communal areas, waiting spaces, elevators, and stairways, serve as a link between private and public spaces and ultimately connect the building to the city. These spaces are designed to be both physically and socially functional, to create a more livable and sustainable environment

Due to the government’s control of power and a cultural-social is- sue among the people of Iran, the public sphere in the city is under the ideological control of the government. To combat this, we have incorporated some daily social activities of Accommun residents into the interstitial spaces project and aim to create new semi-private and semi-public spaces in daily life within the Accommun building. there- fore, the middle sphere and public life in the Accommun building are ignored interventions that shape the project, making it an architectural resistance against the uncertain economy and ideological imposition on urban lifestyle in Tehran today.


Accomun Video

no one decide everything!

Perhaps space must now be analyzed as things in space were before, in order to discover their social rela- tions. The dominant trend fragments and cuts the space. It lists the contents of the space, the things, the various objects. Specialists divide the space and act on its parts, establishing mental and practical-social barriers.


Mehran Davari, Niloofar Najafi, Elmira Shirvani, Zahara Babaei, Mohamadali Dianat
Visualization: Hesam Shiri
Animation: Zahra Foroughi
Structural Consultant: Saeid Kabourani
Mechanical Consultant: Amir Hashemi
Strategy Designer: Aref Baranian
Competition Organizer:  @RootPlat
Client: ACCO Developments