AASSTTIINN – Tightrope Walking

The design of AASSTTIINN’s pop-up store primarily reflects their visual branding and the idea of being an online platform for Iranian designers. AASSTTIINN is a community of magician designers. Magic happens in the circus, which travels nonstop, with daring tightrope walkers suspended high above the crowd. AASSTTIINN’s pop-up is a traveling circus, always ready to pack up and move on. When the circus comes to a new location, everything gets unpacked and assembled to impress with new magic tricks and death-defying tightrope walking. We envisioned AASSTTIINN’s circus as a collection not tied to any place. One day it may be at Fereshteh street, the next somewhere else, with tightrope walkers performing heart-stopping feats. Wherever the circus goes, it sets up and takes over. Steel, rope, and Reflection comprise the circus design, with the rest being TehranPlatform’s magic and jaw-dropping tightrope acts.

In summary, the pop-up design reflects AASSTTIINN’s visual identity and concept as a traveling circus of Iranian designer magicians, constantly moving and showcasing magical creations and daring tightrope walking.